Advisory. Access. Acceleration.


Rivals HQ can be your physical headquarters as your business grows, but we go far beyond a shared workspace.

We provide your business with expert advisory services, access to a network of seasoned industry pros and investors, and content development that creates irresistible attention.

Make our advantages your own.

Esports Specialization

Gaming & Esports Specialization

The world doesn’t need another “tech incubator.” And you don’t need the same guidance that the person building the next online dating app needs. Our specialization, passion, and purpose is laser-focused on the gaming & esports industry, ensuring that our work together is enriched by real-world experience in the industry you’re entering.

Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

Rivals HQ is close enough for meetings with major publishers, team organizations, media, entertainment and tech in Los Angeles and “Silicon Beach.” Our location in Huntington Beach also means that you’ll be distraction-free and able to focus on growing your business–whether that’s in the Rivals Studios, in our purpose-built workspace, or offsite against a backdrop of surfers and sunshine.

Rivals Team

Our Team

Our core advisory team comes with decades of experience in not only gaming and esports, but also entrepreneurship, business growth, content production, branding, marketing, and go-to-market planning. We match your startup with the team members you need, unique to where your business is in its lifecycle.

Rivals Studio

Rivals Studio

Content isn’t just for YouTube influencers and Twitch streamers. A smart business content strategy lets you position yourself as a thought leader, produce impactful product demonstrations, and enhance your investor pitch. Rivals Studio gives you access to content capabilities most startups can only dream about.