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Rivals HQ Launches Virtual Accelerator for Gaming and Esports Startups

  • Rivals HQ has launched Rivals HQ Anywhere, a virtual startup studio that provides acceleration to new ventures in the gaming and esports verticals.
  • The accelerator provides a variety of important services for its members, including industry networking, audience and revenue scaling, and go-to-market planning.
  • Rivals HQ Anywhere will begin accepting membership applications June 16, with on-premises memberships available as well.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California, June 16, 2020–Rivals HQ, an incubator and accelerator studio purpose-built for new gaming and esports ventures, has launched a new virtual accelerator program: Rivals HQ Anywhere. Rivals HQ Anywhere provides new ventures in gaming and esports a unique set of business growth and maturity services, regardless of geography.

Rivals HQ is unusual in the incubator/accelerator space for several reasons. First, it is focused specifically on gaming and esports. Second, it takes a studio-style approach: a smaller number of members at any given time, more hands-on collaboration and support, and a flexible timeline. Finally, Rivals HQ provides services uncommon in other programs, such as content creation and brand/marketing development.

But what do you do when a global pandemic makes physically joining an accelerator impossible? And what if you are a startup that cannot relocate? “We’re eager to welcome new members at our facility in Huntington Beach. We also know that there are some killer early stage companies far away from Southern California, great matches for our virtual solution,” noted Jon “JB” Bukosky. Bukosky, an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in gaming, esports, lifestyle brands, and film/content production, is one of Rivals HQ’s founders and senior advisors.

The entrepreneurial leadership of co-founder Niraj Bhatia drove the push into a virtual offering. “Everyone involved with Rivals HQ is deeply passionate about the gaming and esports industries. Our vision is to give back to the community we love by growing the next generation of disruptive businesses. Rivals HQ Anywhere helps us fulfill that purpose without the limits of physical distance.”

Early interest in Rivals HQ Anywhere covers a diverse range of business types, including B2B esports support software, new team organizations, media and content providers, and augmented reality. Rivals HQ Anywhere is currently accepting new member applications at

About Rivals HQ

Rivals HQ is a startup incubator and accelerator studio, purpose-built to grow new ventures in gaming and esports. With a limited number of concurrent members, Rivals HQ provides a tailored array of services that range from business operations to content creation to audience and revenue scaling. Rivals HQ’s first facility is located in Huntington Beach, California. The organization’s virtual offering, Rivals HQ Anywhere, extends these services to new companies beyond Southern California. Rivals HQ is a Niraj Bhatia Initiative (